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We advise in relation to all questions of contract of labour and service contract law. The main focal areas of our work are:

  • Draft and optimisation of contracts of employment
  • Draft and optimisation of remuneration and working hours models
  • Termination of employments, severance agreements, unfair dismissal protection
  • Public Service Law
  • Collective Agreement Law
  • Personal representation legislation and industrial relations legislation
  • Compliance Systems Implementation
  • Conflict Management
  • Antidiscrimination questions
  • Foreign secondment
  • Employee transfer
  • Company pension scheme
  • Employment legislation advice in the event of corporate transfer and restructuring
  • Contract of service in respect of managing directors and boards of management (see also Company Law), e.g.
    • Draft of Contracts of Service
    • Remuneration regulations, namely profit-sharing agreements and pension commitments
    • Contractual and extraordinary termination of the contract of service, severance agreements